DIY DSLR Shoulder Mount from Anthony DiBenedetto on Vimeo.

Parts List:

1-12” ½” Steel Pipe
1- 4” ½” Steel Pipe
2- 6” ½” Steel Pipes
2- 2” ½” Steel Pipes
2- T Joints
1- 90 Joint
2- Caps
3- 1 ½” 5/16th Steel Washers
1- ¼ inch Wing nut
2- 1 ½” Machine Bolts
3- ¼” Machine Nuts
2- ¼” Lock Washers
2- Bike Handle Bar Grips
1- Free Weight, 5LBS
1- ½ foam tube


1. The first thing you are going to want to do, is drill through the two caps. It is recommended that you use a vise to hold the caps. Also, to help lubricate the drill bit, it is recommended that you add a small amount of oil to help with the friction. Depending on the bit, you may need to reverse the cap and drill from both sides.

2. Insert one of the bolts and a lock washer through the end cap (so the bot is sticking out of the top) and tighten with a nut. Next Add the wing nut and a washer, and place another nut on top to keep the washer in place when not in use.

3. Take the other bolt and place one of the washers on it. Then add your desired weight, another washer, and then the other cap. Tighten the nut inside of the cap.

4. Next attach the 12” pipe into one of the T joints

5. Attach one of the 2” Pipes into the other end of the T Joint, effectively creating a single pipe.

6. Attach the 90 joint onto the 2” pipe

7. Attach the 4” pipe to the 90 degree joint.

8. Attach the 2nd T joint to the end of the 4” pipe.

9. Attach the second 2” pipe onto the T Joint.

10. Attach the two 6” pipes into each of the T Joints

11. One at a time, spray some hair spray onto each of the 6” pipes to act as a lubricant to slide on the bike grips. It acts as a lubricant now, and helps as a glue when it dries.

12. Once the grips are secure, tighten all the components of the mount. Using brute force, tighten it as much as possible. You may also want to wear gloves during this process.

13. After the pipes are secure, cut and add the foam tubing (optional)

14. Add and tighten both caps onto the mount, and you are ready to go.

I used the easy to find foam tubing for this demo, but if you have access to an old camera like I did, you can get creative. I took an old shoulder mount of an SVHS camera, and it really helps to make the mount even more comfortable.

Sample Videos

Test video to capabilities of the shoulder mount.

DIY Shoulder Mount Test Footage Canon T2i from Anthony DiBenedetto on Vimeo.

A short video created for Logan Connects "An American in Paris Contest" shot entirely with the mount.

Romance Language from Anthony DiBenedetto on Vimeo.